Westside Connection - Gangsta Nation (featuring Nate Dogg)
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Формат: mp3
Альбом: The Best Of Westside Connection
Год: 2007
Жанр: Hip-Hop
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Westside Connection Westside Connection Westside Connection

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Текст песни - Westside Connection - Gangsta Nation (featuring Nate Dogg)

This game right here is really rough
These girls out here about to bust
These fools out here afraid of us
I have no fear, afraid of what
And with my peers, I'm comin up
Fools talk real loud but don't run up
When we gun through, they run and duck
We still right here don't press your luck

Homey I'm tired of these cowards parkin like this
Walkin like this
From the concrete when they chalkin like this
And videos in a trick pose in a throwback
Holdin a gat
Aint gon bust and know that
Its a WSC thang, WC brain
And we don't kick it with bustas in khaki g strangs
I'm done movin, I'm clearin the crowd
It's the Hoo-Bangin bandana criminal
The orignal

Evacuate the building, look here come a plane
No it's the big bad westside connect gang
And fuck what you claim, homey this Hoo-Bang
With enough game to drive a square broad insane
And we number one gunners
No, we aint stunners
It's real with us partner
Dealers and drug runners
And Mack be the b-boy in the H2 Hummer
Lookin hotter than the South, Central LA summer

*Repeat first line*

What the hell is Ie Cube talkin about?
That's how you get these here, parked in your mouth
Westide ride trick
The same old spit
I don't conversate wit chicks
I aint gon hit
I don't holler at these pros
That sing like Ashanti
Body like Beyonce
Face like Andre
You kinda strange
But I'm wit so my entre got to be bomb

Have you seen us
Naw, haters can't see us
Connect gang we the genuis nigga
Countless cars and countless charge
It's three niggas makin blunts outta Cuban cigars
Big my the liters
Hypnotic by the liters
Wit the fuckin pros on us
Cause our chronic is the greenest
And to my G's incarcerated on probation
I'm a stay bangin for the whole G nation, nigga

*Repeat first line*

It's a gangsta nation if you in, you a g
And the ho world influenced by the B and the C
Now tell the truth rappers you don't ball like me
Cause I'm really from the game
Ya'll just industry
And while I'm servin up and comin young hustlers and cluckers
Banging for the hood causin havoc and ruckus
You fools at the label kissin up like suckas
And you trick so sit down when you pee little bustas

One thing I do know
I ain't the uno
Big luno
Rap sumo
On pluto
You know?
I'd like to thank the congregation
And my affiliation to the gangsta nation
I'm hard on em, yeah I'm ruthless
You like a stress sack, boy your useless
You know the side tray, better bet a bonet
Cause it must be a single when Nate Dogg singin on it

Well check this out man
We got a gangsta nation goin down over here
So y'all might as well bow down
And join this westside thing
Cause once you get wit this,
Partna, you as G as can be
Believe that homeboy
Fray Ray, what I tell ya?
It ain't a hit til Nate Dogg spit

*Repeat first line*
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